rent a vette - Starting at $299

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to have your car hug the road while roaring around a corner on the way up the mountain? How about getting compliments everywhere you go? Well, our 2022 C8 Corvette Convertible for rent does just that.  Fully loaded with the 3LT package, this Corvette does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.  Fun to drive. Fun to be seen it.  This Corvette has it all. 

denver exotic car rental

Experience this American made exotic in Denver today. Head up the mountain and truly enjoy the drive.

$1000 Credit Card Deposit Required

$299 for 4 Hours

Must Be 30+ to Rent This Car

4 Hours

  • Maybe you want to drive a corvette before you put the deposit down. Or, maybe you want an affordable way to enjoy this car. No matter the reason, our 4 hour block of time provides you with 50 miles to enjoy this American supercar.

6 Hours

  • This 6 hour block of time is just enough time to really enjoy this car. Take it on a trip up to Estes park, or just around town. Enjoy the power at an affordable price. Gives you 75 miles.

8 Hours

  • The perfect block of time for a night out on the town. Take your date to dinner and a drive. With 100 miles included in this timeline, you can easily enjoy a great night out.

24 Hours

Book For 24 hours or More

Get 200 miles per 24 hours booked.  Reservations over 3 days are discounted 15% and includes 200 miles per day.  


Fully Loaded

Unlike other Corvettes for rent for a day, ours is fully loaded with everything you could imagine, including wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

Air Suspension

If you have ever driven an exotic car before, you know that clearance is an issue. Our 2022 Corvette for rent has a button that raises and lowers the car.

One Button Convertible

Fully done for you convertible means you don't need to do anything for the top to come down or go up. Just push and hold the button and in 8 seconds, the top is up or down. That easy.

Upgraded Stereo system

We figured people are driving with the top down and should be able to hear their music. Bose has just the thing for that!


"Z-Mode" is a single button that is pushed by the driver to change everything about the drive. Fully customizable to each driver

Training Included

You may not think it, but this car requires a bit of walk through to get the full fun out of it. Our team will spend 15-20 minutes walking you through the operations and answer any questions.
Marcus was awesome. Flexible, quick communication, and what an amazing car!

Cameron-March 12, 2022

WOW!!! What a machine! I have one on order but am still waiting another year for delivery. First impressions: you cant stop looking at this car, then you get in (which is a bit of an art lol) then you fire it up. The 18 year old kid in me was smiling from ear to ear. After using this car for a couple days I didn't want to give it back!! Rating: Handling: 10/10 Ride comfort: 10/10 Interior Comfort: 10/10 Engine Sound: 10/10 ALL AROUND BAD-ASSERY!: 15/10!! This unit is a head turner so be prepared to talk to complete strangers and have a ton of people take pics. Now lets chat about Marcus! What a beauty!!! I show up to pick it up and its spotless and full of fuel! He takes the time to go thru everything and made me feel like I could actually have some fun in this unit. I had to chat with him a couple times for little things including where to go for a great drive. Will definitely be dealing with Marcus again if I fly back to Denver. Thanks for putting this up Marcus!! my inner child thanks you!!

Keith-June 10, 2022

American Muscle at its best! We took this beast up to Estes Park and truly enjoyed the drive up. Top down. Blasting music. It was everything we wanted and more. Thanks!

Alec Patricia - June 2nd, 2022